Investment Philosophy


The first pillar in the LavBay Capital investment philosophy is patience. At LavBay Capital we keep a long-term view of the market and realize that successful investing takes time. This perspective allows us to take the emotions out of investing and allows us to focus on compounding investors capital. We also do not believe in chasing fast money so we are not necessarily fully invested at all times. Often the best returns are made by simply waiting on the sidelines.


The second pillar in our investment philosophy is discipline. At LavBay we have a plan and strategy and we stick to it on a daily basis. We do our own research and spend a lot our time analyzing the companies that we have positions in. We typically focus on growth companies with little debt that are yielding high rates of return in the lending market.

Risk Management

The third and most important pillar of our investment philosophy is risk management. We believe that if we protect our downside then the upside will take care of itself so we hedge all our positions. Risk management is a daily process and we manage the daily value-at-risk on all our positions individually and as part of the portfolio as a whole.

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