Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is LavBay Capital Management Inc. a regulated entity?
A Yes. LavBay Capital Management Inc. is regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission.
Q Is it simple to withdraw my capital?
A Yes. Capital will be returned no later than 45 days after request if the 1 year lock-up period has expired. The 1 year lock-up provision can be waived in urgent situations at the discretion of the general partner.
Q What are the fees? Are there any fees for withdrawing my capital?
A There is a 2% annualized management fee on capital that is paid monthly. It is not paid upfront. Therefore, if your money is invested for only 6 months you would not end up paying the entire 2%. There is also a 10% performance allocation on profits which is subject to a high-water mark. There are no other hidden fees and there are no fees for withdrawing your capital.
Q How often do I receive updates on my investment?
A Investors receive an individual account statement monthly.
Q Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest? Can I invest through my corporation?
A Yes. You have to be an accredited investor in Ontario. A corporation based in Ontario can invest if it is an accredited investor or it is meets the minimum investment threshold of $150,000.
Q Is there a minimum investment?
A There is no mandated minimum for accredited investors. There is only a $150,000 minimum for Ontario Corporations relying on the minimum investment exemption.
Q Can I invest through a registered vehicle such as my RRSP or TFSA?
A No. The LavBay Capital Total Return Fund LP has not applied to accept registered money at this time. It will be doing so in the future.
Q Is the partnership audited?
A Yes. The Fund is audited annually by BDO Canada LLP.
Q Is there a process to handle key man risk?
A Yes. In the event that something happens to the general partner, there is a process in place where the fund would be unwound immediately by a sophisticated investment manager and the capital would be returned back to investors.
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